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Is there a disorder that is the opposite of anxiety and OCD?

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Is there a disorder that is the opposite of anxiety and OCD?

Postby lundihakarlsson » Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:30 am

So I have many relatives and family members who seem to act like what seems to me the opposite of anxiety and OCD. In other words, it is almost extreme carelessness combined with getting angry at people who voice concerns about their behaviour.

For example, I have many family members who refuse to wash their hands after using the toilet, then touch other people's stuff and offer to shake hands. If someone tells them that they should wash their hands with soap, they get angry and irate and say something like e.g. washing hands is a dumb idea for pansies, or that you worry too much about bacteria like an OCD person or a person with anxiety.

Another example is if they sneeze or cough right in someone's direction or on someone's face. The person gets upset and tells them, then they in turn get angry and say that it is offensive to tell people where to sneeze and cough, and that you are worrying too much about germs.

A third example is food safety. Someone who refuses to eat raw or rare meat, especially a male, would be called gay or crazy because they are obsessed with germs. Someone who eats with cutlery instead of with their bare hands (whether the hands are washed or not) is considered a pansy.

One more example is preventative health. Someone wearing an undershirt or a raincoat with a hood in cold or rainy weather, especially if this person is a male, would be called gay or a sissy. Normal people should, according to them, walk in the rain with their head uncovered.

Is there a term for this type of behaviour that seems to verge on serious recklessness/carelessness, especially when involving other people?

I would add that most of my relatives are from third world countries where people have poorer hygiene, so that might be a factor.

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