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Hi - - I'm on forced medication . .

For sharing your experiences and feelings about mental illness
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Hi - - I'm on forced medication . .

Postby jbb79 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:03 am

I got in a fight, with my psychiatrist, because he gave me Drugs that spiked my Prolactin . . Prolactin is responsible for the ' mother instinct ', you can read it right here . .

Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes, 2nd Ed, pg. 81 . .
"Prolactin is viewed as the hormone that induces the maternal instinct" . .
> ... oks&sr=1-1

Emotional aspects of hyperprolactinemia by, Luis S. Sobrinho, Doctor, Ph.d And, Professor in hormones . .
"the following blocks of pertinent information: (1) prolactin acts upon the central nervous system and variations in its concentrations do affect mood, emotions and behavior; (2) most actions of prolactin are directed to metabolical and behavioral adaptation to pregnancy and the care of the young;"

My Psychiatrist gave me those pills, for over five years and, when I complained I felt hormonal, like ' pregnant woman ', he just said, ' psychotic ' . . After five years of that, I googled it and, found a book, ' Hormones and Social Behavior ', by Scientific published Springer, they make some of the best Hard-core science in the world, I've read . . it said, prolactin is a ' Signaling molecule of the brain ' and, it promotes ' Maternal behavior ' . . He dismissed the article, called me psychotic and, told me if I didn't shut up about it, he'd increase my dosage, I felt he was rude and, abrasive so, I ended up pushing him, so he fell and, raised my fist, at him . . I never hit him . . Despite this, I got in Court and, got ' assault ' charges, which they won . . Now I have forced medication . .

I love homosexuals and, I admire them . . They're good companions . . But, I don't want to be like that, not against my will . . I've gotten in trouble on other forums for, insulting gays when I talk about this, I don't know how to say all this, with-out it seeming demeaning . . If some-one would help me discuss this more respectfully, I'd like that . .

My doctor turnt me into a ' Prolactin ' homo-sexual, and when I said I preferred being hetero-sexual he said, shut up or, I'll increase the dosage, you moron . .

I find it very difficult to discuss this, with-out insulting gay people . . I hope it hasn't been rude or, if so, I want to apologize in advance and, I hope it's o-kay . . I'm not so good with people, that's all . .

Now, my doctor has me on Forced medication, I couldn't take it, any-more . . They destroyed me, with chemicals . .

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Re: Hi - - I'm on forced medication . .

Postby katyia » Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:13 pm

hi jbb

that does sound worrying that your doctor is telling you to shut up
and threatening you with increased dosage ...
I always have an advocate with me when seeing my psychiatrist
as I have been forcibly medicated as well in the past

I had to have my medication reviewed a few times
because I was feeling so bad on it
and always my advocate helped me to express what I was going through
so that we could get it right

or have you got a friend or relative
that could go with you when you see him
but an advocate is better or a mental health worker that you trust

if you are just expressing a feeling that you are not gay
I dont think this is insulting to gay people
if that is all you said

x x x Katyia

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