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Homeowners gives me anxiety

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:30 pm
by parakeet
Hi everyone. Would like to share about my feelings where I am living now. Me and my bf moved to new house 2 month ago and homeowners being so rude recently towards us. Once I was in kitchen and upstairs bathroom was taken, so I used downstairs bathroom. After couple days that guy told, we can't use there wc even if upstairs are taken. I was really upset. We are always cleaning after ourselves, but they often finds way to say something negative. Anyways, they are so messy, I am only one who is cleaning all house, but I am getting worst attitude. We have other room neighbours, also couple, but homeowners are nice towards them. And they are doing NOTHING. That guys is always working(like my bf) and his girl is just cooking for him (can't blame her, she had stroke and heart operation). But still, she is alive thanks God, she isn't cleaning at all. And I am always crying so much, I am terrified to live here. Can't move another house, because I have monthly pay. And yes, we are paying 400 a month, but neighbours are paying 650 I guess. When they are home, I feel aggression coming up me, anxiety and very low mood. I hate them.