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Acne has ruined my self esteem

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Acne has ruined my self esteem

Postby sarahny » Tue Mar 19, 2019 8:07 pm

Hi wll ive had acne for 10 years now.Im 22 now.

My main problem is ive become so obbsessed with the way i look.I get upset and hate going out if i have some spots that you can see.I always keep my head down.People have said before that they find me attractive but if i have a bad case of spots i darent go out because im scared what people will think.Many people think people with spots dont wash etc which is so not true actually totally the opposite.

At school when i had acne really bad i became really shy and never had any boyfriends.I guess it destroyed my confidence totally.Being a qualified beauty therapist people expect them to be emaculate.

Im ashamed to think that people will only think about my looks but in todays world looks get you very far.If anyone compliments me i think there lying.I get upset if theres someone whos hasnt got any spots at all because i wish i could be like that!

Has anyone been through a similar experience or had any advice on how to not let it affect me so much? Thanks.

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Re: Acne has ruined my self esteem

Postby bluebell123 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:25 pm

My daugtlhter got medication from gp and it cleared up everything. Deb

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Re: Acne has ruined my self esteem

Postby deb1960 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 3:05 pm

Hi sarahny

I had problems that were similar. If you want me to tell you about it let me know.

I wonder if you found the name of your thread and the last sentence by looking at a previous post.

Take care
Deb x

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Re: Acne has ruined my self esteem

Postby rsxo » Sat Mar 30, 2019 11:31 am

Hi Sarah :)

Acne is no fun, for sure! However, most people have had acne at some point in their lives, so the decent people will not judge you because of it (and they're the people you want to be hanging around anyways!).

The harshest critic we have is ourselves. Once you get past that and step outside, you'll see that most people don't really care about whether you have acne or not!

Having said that, there are remedies that can help you - it can be a new facewashing routine, moisturiser, taking medication or cutting out certain foodsx

Much love <3
RSxo <3

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Re: Acne has ruined my self esteem

Postby paulshipmansmith » Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:25 pm

It's not the acne that is now the main problem in your life. It's the effect it is having on your confidence to face the world.
You are on a circle of decreasing self-esteem which is making the condition even harder for you to cope with.
The main issue for you is how to overcome your obsession and be able to feel more confident in yourself. This will in turn help you to face the world and feel more accepting of the acne.
Deep down, you may find that you are already aware that people will be accepting of the fact that you have acne and - in truth - many people won't really notice. As you have already admitted, people do say that you are attractive anyway.
It's just mainly the core issue of you not having the confidence in yourself because you harbour this fear that people will judge you for it.
You are a qualified beauty therapist. You say that people expect you to look immaculate because of what you do. However. You may actually find that many people - whom are very preoccupied with their own looks - will not view your acne negatively.
In a way, your acne could be viewed in a more positive light. It gives you a real understanding about how others feel about their looks.
The situation could be used to help reassure clients who are worried about their own appearance. In time, it'll could help you build client relationships based on your own experiences and understanding.
Our looks are only the outer, superficial element of who we really are as people. We can alter our looks to represent a part of our inner selves such as how we dress, do our hair and make-up.
You cannot simply cure your acne overnight. However. You can make choices about how you are going to deal with the condition.
Taking some medical advice will help you with the physical side of your acne. A doctor, pharmacist or nurse will help.
You may find it helpful to consider counselling/therapy in order to help you to deal with the psychological effects the condition is having on your life. Talking through your worries and feelings with a counsellor will help you to explore more deeply about how this is affecting you.
You will find that in time, you can be less critical about your appearance and be more willing to accept the positive attributes that you possess that go beyond your acne.
You can find that with some positive guidance, you will be able to face the world more confidently by allowing your inner self to shine through.

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