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Help wanted (It will take one minute)

Postby 80srock » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:41 pm

I worked with some girls much younger than me just over a year ago for 5 months. Those girls said that my eccentric views do not offend women and they aren’t schizophrenic. Many times I have been called in for assessments because of my complaints. Prior to working with those girls, Crisis called me in from work for an assessment without any notice due to a complaint. It was on the day that my probation period finished in my job and they were going to give me the decision as to whether to keep me. I had to rush off in the middle of this to what they knew was an urgent mental health matter. Crisis wouldn’t wait.
So when the girls said that those opinions were fine I thought of videoing them but I decided to get one of them to write an email to a recruiter saying that none of my opinions were offensive at all – it actually said “the things (I) say don’t matter”. The job with the girls finished in good circumstances but I have been through absolute hell since then in my attempts to find other women who agree. The email didn’t work when I needed it and I wasn’t copied in so I don’t have it. I still have one of the girls’ email address and number but I don’t know if she will want to help me. If somebody who reads this could send an email to the girl on my behalf asking for her to help me that would be great. I got into a lot of trouble because I thought the girls’ opinions would be listened to. I was sacked from the next job. She doesn’t know.
Everyone on this forum should be clear that you don’t have the right to refuse treatment. In my case, even with absolutely no risk to anyone else or myself and having made a conscious decision to refuse treatment, I cannot refuse monitoring – nor can you. The NHS can disclose my details to the police to round me up and (obviously) when I go to the compulsory assessment clearly I will have to accept treatment in order not to be sectioned and lose my job. Everyone should be clear that the NHS believes that compulsory treatment without consent is good treatment. I have contacted the Information Commissioner and they said it is a “grey area” and they can only tell me my situation (if I am free) after going through the full complaints process with the NHS and then them. I would like somebody to tell me what the point of the GDPR is as it doesn’t seem to have any effect at all. The NHS can disclose at will.
So David Icke has said he is the messiah and the Royal family are lizards, my boss preys to the Holy spirit (which I think is nuts) but me with my eccentric views (no magic or supernatural beliefs) are diagnosed as psychotic and not eccentric. It was my latest complaint containing all my views in an attempt to be classified as eccentric that resulted in a compulsory appointment and my medication increased to 150mg of paliperidone per month (the max). They ignored the complaint so I still don’t have the reasons as to why I am not eccentric.
If someone could please email my ex colleague to see if she will help me that would be great. I can’t find anyone else like them despite trying hard. Thank you

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