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Does Mozo have slip resistant shoes?

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Does Mozo have slip resistant shoes?

Postby sabinefraction » Fri May 25, 2018 3:17 pm


Do you need shoes that will not ever slip when you’re a cook or a nurse?

Yes, sure you do. Apart from those who are obsessed with “Nike non slip work shoes”, a few others can’t take their eyes off Mozo. If so, then does Mozo have slip resistant shoes?

Well, the brand has some stylish versions available for you to choose if you hate the wet conditions that much…Trust me, Mozo owns a varied selection in both stores and online shop that are waiting for you to explore! Let’s take a look at them:
4 Best slip resistant shoes by Mozo
Mozo Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Being lightweight and cool-looking would be what you have to shout out when seeing the pair. These Mozo shoes are waterproof thanks to the leather upper region. For the padded collar, it offers a highly amazing comfort for the feet and a non-slip traction that can help you avoid slips and trips in your busy workspace.

And my first impression is:

The chef shoe version indeed offers me a nice break with the slip-on style, so no wonder why it has become a favorite among other culinary footwear. What I love the most is how this work shoe has a synthetic upper with the dual side goring and side vents. These can help keep your feet cool as always even under high pressure when you have to stand for hours.

So is there any interesting thing about the shoes?

It must be the slip and oil-resistant material in the soles. These are known to be ASTM-rated for workers safety. It ensures your traction on different surfaces.

Anyways, if you truly concerned about the safety at the workplace, then click now for the “Best Non Slip Shoes for Restaurant”.

Among these options, choose your favorite and bring them to work. Don’t worry since the footwear never ate the back of your foot or caused your little toes to blister like the others. Honestly, the shoes have been the best purchase that I’ve ever had in my life! Durable, comfy, and trustworthy are what I can say about it. And I can even handle the 12 - 14 hour-shifts right on the feet with the least pain.

Not only that, but the footwear is quite easy to break in. Better than this, after getting it for one month, the shoe remains good and quite new with the minimal wear.
Mozo Women’s Maven Food Service Shoe


I bet that you will enjoy the optimal comfort and high safety with maven! Why?

That’s because it’s not only the casual slip-resistant work shoe but also a professional that offers both flexibility and versatility with or without laces. When I first put these on, my initial feeling is that how fantastic this sneaker-like style feels on my feet. The Maven food service shoe fits the tasks naturally at hand no matter if you’re merely backstage or get around the slippery surfaces.

No worries, the shoes are quite comfortable to wear for long periods in your kitchen, and able to take you everywhere you want. With the waxed canvas upper region and amazing traction, the shoes claim to fit every part of your life.

How about me?

Just as I’ve said, I do love these! I used to work as a bartender who must stand a lot, so I always desired to have a pair that is not just hideous but also functional. These are cute, but I sometimes feel tight a bit on the feet. Anyway, these boys still offer me the added boost so that my feet can be kept comfortable all the time.

I used to use Skechers before, which have been extremely comfy but didn’t appear last as long as expected. This is why I rely on Mozo for helping me stand up against the test of 12 hours a day. Well, catering out there is not easy, but thanks God; I’ve finally had them very long, and they can hold very strong!
Mozo Men’s Red Skull Work Shoe

Only the ultimate comfort you can feel once wearing the Red Skull Work Shoe of Mozo. It’s time to relieve your daily stress with the “Uniframe” technology” through the molded process. Mozo understands you, so they give you the right slip-on on the go!

Not only a broad toe box for the whole-day comfort, but the shoe’s gore side stretch can also provide you with the easiest in-and-out comfort and ideal fit.

But what I love the most is:

The shoes’ sidewall ventilation, which is strongly favored to boost in moisture control and cooling down the feet. Alright, I’ve just forgotten about the cushioning! Its gel-cushioned insole does a great job in absorbing shock while you’re standing or walking for too many hours. For the MOZOFit technology, the shoes let you adjust the ideal fit of both shoes with the shims.

Among them, the blue shim lies underneath your gel insole while the darker one is within the box. And for the traction, you would prefer this version from Mozo due to its Spider slip-resistant outsole. It’s advertised to give the users the superior traction on all wet floors.

So what do you think of such an option? Mozo still makes one of the most long-term and comfy shoes on the market. And if you must work nearly seven days a week and 12 hours in the kitchen, then these shoes are definitely what you need.

More surprisingly, some wearers claimed that Mozo shoes are more comfortable than those from Birkenstock.
Mozo Women’s Forza Slip Resistant Work Clog

Another nice choice for you to make is the Forza work clog by Mozo. Owning the soft leather upper region with a padded collar, your feet are naturally given extra comfort.

Then do these have a better fit as compared to the above version?
Sure enough, the version here has an ergonomic shape for your extra comfort and stability. You also get to experience a highly protective toe cap and a full support thanks to the full-length cushioned midsole.

What’s more interesting than this is:
MOZOFit system technology can let you freely control the fit of both shoes with two distinct shims. Even though I’ve got thin feet, no blister or uncomfortable feeling appears at all, and by far these are still the best! Well, these also fit my feet amazingly and feel extremely relaxing so far! I think that it’s hard to find any shoe that is as good as this.
Wrapping Up
Does Mozo have slip resistant shoes?
You’ve got the answer already through the information I’ve provided above.

As you see, there are a large number of must-have options when it comes to non-slip shoes, right? So guys, let’s pick up your ideal pair based on the workplace you’re working at, your own style, and personal needs. A lot of brands can offer you these functional shoes, such as Birkenstocks, Skechers, Crocs, and now Mozo.
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Postby missflowers » Sun May 27, 2018 2:38 pm

i just wanted to send you love and say i hope you find the forum useful
you are very welcome here

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