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Support really needed please

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Support really needed please

Postby veryalone » Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:21 pm

Hi everyone,

I am 33 years old and have suffered with various mental health difficulties since leaving school. I do not have a support network or anyone whom I can talk to. I am all alone in this world. I feel like running away to a beach. Going to sleep on the beach and never waking up. I am married. I do have a wonderful and beautiful 9 year old daughter. It breaks my heart that I am not a good enough Mum for my daughter.

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Re: Support really needed please

Postby christabel » Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:09 pm

Hi there

People pop in and out of sane forum obviously because we all at sometime struggle. Nearly always though there would be someone to lend an ear and give a bit of friendly support.
I've gone through the guilt bit myself because of my illness, but that is what it is. We didn't ask to be this way. Please don't feel alone.
You're so proud of your daughter you can tell and I'm sure she loves her mum unconditionally.
Not being able to talk to people who understand causes lots of us unhappiness so join in.

I'm currently feeling better after having a really bad couple of years. I've had my medication changed and I am getting along better. Had to try a few but have got there.
The last few weeks have been a bit hairy but hopefully things will improve. Trying the positive approach.

Hope to hear back. Take care x

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Re: Support really needed please

Postby lonely2 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:06 pm

Hiya Veryalone,

I can relate to your feelings of being a bad mum. I have 3 children and have struggled with my MH for a while now. I often feel like I let them down and they deserve better than me.

However my children are 26, 23 and 19 now and all three of them have been or are at University and are happy, well balanced adults with successful lives, so I couldn't have been a bad Mum. I have brought them up by myself for 15 years with no support from their Dad.

Look at your daughter and how well she is doing and give yourself credit for all that you do for her. Yes there are times when things are hard but that is life with MH. You are doing a wonderful job.

However it does make me angry when I'm struggling and people say 'what about your children' I want to scream 'what about me!' You are important so look after yourself
It's hard to keep a secret when it's written all over your body.

It makes you feel able to cope with life, while at the same time it's destroying you.

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