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Postby caz » Sat Aug 02, 2014 4:12 pm

To the Sane members, I am not advertising about random stuff, but I am advertising our campaign to stop the cuts/changes to our last TWO remaining Mental Health Resource Centres.

Please take your time to read the below (I know it's long but please could you read), it isn't just happening in Liverpool it is happening all over the country.

Save Our Mental Health Day Services!

Liverpool City Council recently revealed plans to privatise or close the remaining day services and supported accommodation for people with mental health needs in the city. These services play an essential role in supporting people to live independently in the community, and help to challenge stigma and reduce social isolation.

They also save money by preventing the need for hospital care.

The proposals will affect more than 500 people using mental health services in the
city, and mean a cut of over £1million in funding for this group over the next two
years. These plans will lead to reduced provision for service users (down to only 6
weeks of support for many), increased charges and poorer pay and conditions or
redundancy for mental health workers.

At a time when levels of mental health need in society are escalating essential
community support should be maintained and extended not cut. This support
should be provided as a public service not run for profit by the private sector or
by charities increasingly operating like businesses.
We do not accept the argument that there is no money for public services from a
government that gives tax breaks to big business and presides over massive pay
rises for corporate directors and bankers. Instead we believe the needs of
ordinary people for better mental health provision must come first.
Recent victories for mental health campaigners in Salford and Cambridge that
show alliances to defend services can both stop the cuts and improve services
for users and workers.
We call on Liverpool City Council to drop these plans.
Join our campaign and together we can stop these proposals.

Please like/sign/follow the following pages:


Our story has been published in the local paper, please see link: ... wo-7536072

You will find the full story on our Facebook page.

If you have got this far, well done and thankyou for reading,

Caz xxx
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