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My Mum.

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My Mum.

Postby Dovahkiin » Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:42 pm

Hi all, Dova back :).. I've discovered something about my mum tonight but will give you a rough outline of the situation.. Recently, her personality has completely changed and she's been lying to me and my sister. She's £300 down on the rent, and isn't paying her bills. Then tonight I just happened to be chatting about her to my sister. She was saying something and for some reason (can't remember why) I just happened to mention that she was on the online bingo all the time. So my sister checked my mums bingo account, Nothing overly dramatic to say, other than she spends £80 (her set limit) on bingo a month.. then I said "No she's on it ALL the time, there's no way she hasn't spent more than that.." Then my sister realised my mum always used my sisters bingo account to play the free games, so she checked it. Yesterday she won something like £140 and withdrew it, BUT she's spent 400 and something pound on it in the last month alone. My sister phoned her up straight away, asked her outright "have you got a problem? We can help if you do" "No no I haven't got a problem" etc etc. Then my mum came round to my flat. I asked her "Have you got a problem?" "No" "How much have you spent on bingo in the last month?" "Well your sister said 400 and something" "What are you going to do about it then?" "I'll put a limit on it like my other account".. I read up on Google and I think she's a pathological gambler.. Little things have sprung to my mind tonight, one day in December I think it was, she was on the grab machines in town with her partner, he went home, she went home, then she went back out to have 'one more go' to win her partner a teddy and 'won first time' - makes me question it. When I moved out and she was so distraught about not getting my DLA and housing benefit any more - makes me question it. She keeps telling me and my sister that she's on certain shifts at work then trips up by being out and about when I've rang her. She's extended her overdraft at the bank - TWICE. She's very secretive about her money. She's addicted to smoking again. She drinks a lot socially but it's becoming very often. She never has a full fridge of food like she used to. I'm getting really worried and neither me nor my sister know what to do. My mums going to get kicked out of her house. Which means my boys (the cat and dog) will be homeless, which has sparked me and my fiancée to start looking for a house together rather than a flat so we can take the boys on. My mum is going to end up the creek without a paddle. I know it takes people to hit rock bottom before they get help but it's heartbreaking to think of her reaching that point.. What do I do?..

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