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When to return to work?

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When to return to work?

Postby DJMorgan » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:33 pm

Recently on the 14th of last month, I got diagnosed with depression from my doctor and this past month has proven to be the worst, hardest, and the most challenging of my life so far.

I went into hospital after my psychologist suggested I go speak to the mental health team there as I explained to her that I felt that I wanted to hurt myself, loss of appetite and other stuff.

Now the following day I went to the GP and they prescribed me my medication and iv been taking it ever since, I feel a bit better but barely even a fraction.

Im due back to work this week but I honestly deep down dont think I can handle it at the moment, Im always paranoid if people there are speaking about me behind my back, I worry that I cant handle the job once I get back in. (as I work in a care home)

Im just really worried and besides work, home life I feel down most days, I feel that I am feeling lower than normal, and I just feel generally useless. Im trying each day to make a change and start changing my life as this is what I need to do but I just dont know what to do about work.


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Re: When to return to work?

Postby muchlove » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:49 pm

Could you go back to your GP and talk it over with them. If you explain everything youve said here, they may be able to give you extended sick leave? Why do you have to go back next week? Financial?
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Re: When to return to work?

Postby DJMorgan » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:57 pm

Well in a case yes, financially, but I`m able to claim benefits for the time being whilst iv been on sick, you know just as a fraction of help as I only get statuary sick pay. So what iv been told to do is give the council my latest sick payslip and they`ll photocopy it and then work out what they can offer for the time being, Iv been helping my dad out with gardening too so he`s give me a little bit of money to keep me by.

Im going to my GP first, n seeing what she/he suggest, although work rang me to enquire weather I am coming back or not this month, and I explained how iv been feeling and how its been effecting me recently, and she said well make sure you get yourself better before coming back.

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Re: When to return to work?

Postby Kuruneko » Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:40 pm

An ideal situation is to return to work only when YOU are ready for it, but we all understand that sometimes is not possible due to financial reasons.

Speak to your gp, I don`t know if they are one of the understanding types or not, explain to them that you are not ready to return to work and the thought of it is making you worse really, surely they can give you more time off, if they have been giving you any meds [antidepresents] then they can depending on the type you have take up to a month or more to stabalise in your body, so only a few weeks off is not going to benefit you that much.
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