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weight *maybe trig*

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weight *maybe trig*

Postby kay » Mon May 28, 2012 10:35 pm

Don’t know what going through my head at the moment.
Long story short – I used to be just over 12stone. My ‘ambition’ was always to be 10st something, it didn’t matter 10st what but I wanted to be 10st something. Over through weight loss over a reasonable length of time I got down to about 10st 4lb at my ‘lightest’.
People made a few comments about the amount of weight I had lost – one comment involved the fact I did not have any boobs anymore!
I was ‘happy’ with my weight. It was where I wanted to be.
The other day I washed my jeans and put them in the tumble dryer. They might have shrunk but when I have put them on I have been so concise of the fact that they are so tight and I feel disgusting.
I stood on the scales yesterday and I am again disgusted to find that I am now 10st 10lb.
It is still ‘where I wanted to be’ and yet I feel disgusting and I still feel the need to go back to being about 10st 4lb or even 10st 2lb.
I keep records of what I eat and there has not been a major difference in what I eat, I eat the recommended 2000 calories a day an some times try for less.
I have an ‘active’ job which involves me being on my feet/walking about for about a 6 hours day. I don’t understand why I am not loosing weight, and even putting weight on.
I have rewashed my jeans and tried to stretch them and hung them up to dry to see if that will change the fit of them but I am still disgusted with myself.
Everyone, meaning men I suppose, obvious do not see me as ‘attractive’.
Do I have to stop eating completely to loose the weight again. I know people make themselves sick to loose weight but I have tried to make myself sick before but I can not manage to be sick.
I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see, don’t know who I see.
Feel sick and totally disgusting

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Re: weight *maybe trig*

Postby deadchick07 » Mon May 28, 2012 10:43 pm

do you think it might be water retention, the heat can do that.

I used to be 10.5stone. Im now just under 18 stone, now thats disgusting..

i have tried losing weight but it doesnt come off when im on meds even if i do exercise and diet.

women can gain and lose up to half a stone a month in water, make sure you are drinking plenty to flush your system out.

as far as others seeing you as attractive, this wont happen unless you can see yourself as attractive, and I think you sound at a perfect weight that most women would be jealous of. Do you look good in a dress instead of jeans? And have you treated yourself to a hairdo recently?
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Re: weight *maybe trig*

Postby belle » Mon May 28, 2012 11:04 pm

Hi Kay.
This weather plays havoc with fluid retention as dc says.
There could be lots of reasons for your slight change in weight.
I do know what it feels like to be so unhappy with your size.
It's all relative but if that's how it feels for you, that's how it is.
However, please don't start doing anything drastic to try to lose the half a stone you would like to lose.
And jeans and tumble dryers - very likely your jeans have shrunk!
Please look after yourself.

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Re: weight *maybe trig*

Postby oobydoobie » Mon May 28, 2012 11:24 pm

deadchick07 wrote:do you think it might be water retention, the heat can do that.

I used to be 10.5stone. Im now just under 18 stone, now thats disgusting..

I'm 18.5 stone at 5-11. Tried losing with very slow progress and gave up. Ideally would like to be around 12 stone. Don't think it'll happen unless i come off antipsychotics or virtually starve myself.
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Re: weight *maybe trig*

Postby brachypelma » Tue May 29, 2012 3:06 am

1 in 3 females have a physical body or weight related self image problems, for men 1 in 5. I think by this stage the mental image of one's self has taken a marker in genetics and become hereditary.
Clothes shrink its inevitable but has no indication as to the person wearing them, you are not disgusting in the least. Females have a harder time maintaining weight because of many things including hormones, sometimes they can also stimulate growth to either protect itself or in preparation for something it expects could happen. Stress is also a weight gaining factor at times.
Your goal weight I think is a reasonable one not too far off the scale like of being anorexic so thats a very good thing.
You are a very strong willed person and determined by the sounds of it, you follow your instinct's in an attempt to get where you want to be. Try to keep the stress levels down, sometimes less food in your system does not always mean you wont gain weight since the body adapts and stores longer and as you said you burn alot with work alone so need that energy.
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Re: weight *maybe trig*

Postby wishbone » Thu May 31, 2012 9:27 am

The weight and difficulties I have now is from extreme stress and also medication. I came off the medication that was making me put on weight, so the weight stopped piling on. I, though was on it long enough to put on 3 stone. Nasty stuff.

Today, if I try exercise, it can make me put on weight, due to adrenal problems, so I have to do gentle exercise only.

If there is an expectancy of weight gain on some meds, then there should be medical support to manage it too. It would be great if fruit and veg was given on the NHS to people that have to be on certain Meds.

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