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Postby LadyKeldana » Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:47 pm

Hey All

I'm unemployed at the moment. i was on an apprenticeship, which i had to leave in december due to my depression. i went through various meds that left me unable to do my work or coursework so i fell very behind and eventually got to a point where it was impossible to catch up. since then, i've had 2 temporary jobs, but failed to complete both of them for the time i was meant to because of depression and panic attacks.
I'm not eligible for employment and support allowance, or job seekers, because of how much my live-in partner earns, but yet i have to find work because he doesn't earn enough to support both of us.
the problem is, i don't feel ready. I'm not recieving any treatment except for medication from my GP which i struggle to take. I've been looking for work for the past 2 months, but even that is a struggle. the job advertisements are really intimidating. i only apply for jobs through email, because pn the phone and in person are too scary, and everytime i apply for a job i'm secretly hoping i won't hear back from them because i really don't feel ready for it.
the thing is, everybody is treating me like i'm a lazy bum and it's doing my head in. I struggle just to keep my one bedroom flat clean, and yet my friends have full time jobs, homes and children and they manage just fine. i feel really lost and i hate it. :(

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Re: Work

Postby craziememe » Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:26 pm

dont compare yourself to everybody else. its more than likely that they arent struggling with depression. go easy on yourself and have a little hope.
get in touch with cab to see if your entilted to any help whilst your not working, maybe ask your gp for a sick note and see what they offer then. its important you get yourself better first and stressing about money worries wont help your depression.
take care xx

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Re: Work

Postby deadchick07 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:56 pm

meme is right.

also, if you really want to do something and avoid a hole in your cv, look for a small, few hours a week volunteering opportunity somewhere, employers find volunteers attractive because you are showing willing for no reward.
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