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No Motivation

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No Motivation

Postby hulk48 » Thu Jul 23, 2020 1:45 pm

Hi Guys
Hope Everyone is well

I suffer with depression, anxiety and social anxiety and i am trying to motivate myself, no matter what i try to do i last 5 minutes then give up

anyone experiencing this or better still has experienced this and has any suggestions

Peace and Love

Paul : ) xx

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Re: No Motivation

Postby beca121 » Tue Jul 28, 2020 1:44 am


Lack of motivation is the worst.. and im sorry you are going through that at the minute.
I tend to go through periods of not being motivated, and I know I have to get myself out of feeling like that.
I tend to plan my days in advance, which helps me a lot :) I never used to care about my skin, but now I put a skincare routine in place and it is just little things like that help me, I know this might not help and im not the best at explaining sorry.
I also think like 'right, im going to hoover and mop the kitchen tomorrow morning so then I can go for a bath and chill tomorrow night' and it sounds stupid but it really helps, and don't do too much because it is very overwhelming, and if after five minutes you lack motivation.. put some music on, have a little break.. and then get back to what you were doing so take it in little steps.
Hope this helped :)

Look after yourself.

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