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Just drained and cant take much more

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Just drained and cant take much more

Postby bec71 » Tue Feb 18, 2020 2:31 am

first time i have posted... I have suffered with depression for many years and have often felt in control of it but its just getting overwhelming at the moment. I feel like if I fell, no one would catch me. I am single, have a 17 year old daughter, who is wonderful but relies on me a lot as she suffers with anxiety. My Mum passed away many years ago, my Dad is in a care home with dementia and doesnt to live anymore. I run my own business, so if i dont work i dont earn and i am already in debt. Despite years of depression, i am only just realising the mess it has got me in, i seem to be very good at putting on a brave face to the point i have fooled myself. There just isnt anyone to pick up the pieces if I dont carry on and if I dont carry on things will just get worse, I just cant see a break to this. I just wish i had a person, someone to help me, someone who didnt want something from me, i am just so tired.

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Re: Just drained and cant take much more

Postby dee51 » Sun Feb 23, 2020 5:04 am

Im numb at the mo so struggling to come u with any ideas for you. All can think, which is what I’m doing first thing Monday morning is ringing gp for emergency appt. To get medication so I’m in a fit enough mind to have the motivation/ energy to solve my issues.

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