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Hi I'm Anthony

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Hi I'm Anthony

Postby tonyb » Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:42 pm

I have been suffering from anxiety about sickness since childhood. For about 5 years now it has got completely out of control. My father had a heart attack about this time and I had a panic attack even though I didn't know what one was and since then I'm anxious about sickness 24/7. At times I just cry in my car once I have dropped my children off at school. Early in the year I was about as close as I have ever got to doing myself in as it takes over all my waking hours and sometimes I dream about it. I just can't switch it off. About 18 months ago I came off drinking after doing so everyday since I was about 18 ,getting drunk most days, from 20 till about 32ish I smoked cannabis everyday and I think these things haven't helped. I was on sertiline for about 3 years which I think made things worse. Where to go from here ? I feel so low everyday and by evening time I am exhausted . It is destroying my family I really don't know what to do now? Thanks for any helpful suggestions or advice.

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