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A poem

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A poem

Postby ursula » Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:27 pm

What is reality.
Although crisis carnt be seen
Why is it not heard
A lack of funding they say
But another million on war heads today.
Starving children homeless souls
Drug addictions loss of goals
A chemical nation
Dont smoke you must now vape
Feeding the cycle of no escape
Every illness has a label
A drug to treat it they say
Or is it all just a fable
Meant to disable
Sucking the earth for energy
Riddling the clouds the jungles the sea
Were loosing our syncrinosity
Guns and violence knives on tap
To much cocaine causing the snap.
Cigarettes are bad alchol is ok
Revenue must stay people must pay
If your diffrent or ask questions
You need medications
If you hear voices you need sedations
If you do as your told agree with whats wrong
The you can live lifes little song.
What about the trees no we need the oil
Another war on the boil
Less and less oxygen a chemical revolution
Less and less animals we need their skins
Havnt you heard the reserves are running really thin
Filling the ground with contaminated rubbish
Plastic filled sea killing our corals and fish
A chemical revoloution its one big sin
Earths reserves are running thin.
But nuclear weve got itby the trillions
Going to the moon no problem more and more millions
But what about our beatifull planet
Never mind we can deal with that nxt summit.
This poem is for sir david attenborough my hero who has been teaching me since i was tiny
If he ran the world then maybe we would be well from using plant medications and respecting that which is so beautifull yet is already here and needs looking after just like all of human kind.

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