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Hearing voices

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Hearing voices

Postby mary96 » Tue Apr 02, 2019 3:19 pm

This is the first time this has happened to me, I have been on antidepressants since I was 13 many ups and down.

My mood spiralled out of control about 2 weeks ago, depressed that anxiety that bad can’t leave the house.

There are 2 different voices different from your own thoughts.

1 voice just commenting on things I’m doing, and one telling me to harm/kill myself

Has anyone ever exsperianced this I can’t speak to my parter as I think it will scare them or not believe me

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Re: Hearing voices

Postby christabel » Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:43 pm

Hi Mary96

I suffered the same for ages not realising if I went for proper help it would stop.
I was really poorly at the time and it sounds you could be needing a bit extra help too.

Speak to your GP or nurse if you can.

Take care and let us know how you are. Chris

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