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Postby tadna » Wed Aug 12, 2015 7:28 am

I am a 28 year old who has a long history of mental health issues, starting from when I was very young and in the care of my abusive mother and her girlfriend. I also suffered at the hands of my sexually abusive 'step brother'. I moved at the age of 11 to live with my father and stepmother who were less abusive, but also not very affectionate and quite undermining to my confidence, they didn't mean to they were just not very good at parenting. I have had no contact with my mother since I was 11 apart from an email when I turned 18 to which I replied angrily and never continued contact. I suffered bullying throughout school and never really formed close friendships, I was diagnosed with depression at 13, I never developed relationships of a amorous kind either as I was scared of any kind of contact. At the age of 17 I decided to lose my virginity to a friend to make it not such a big deal and for it to be on my terms, it happened..I think I developed feelings as when he asked me to be his girlfriend I said yes..then felt upset when he cheated on me with a 14year old. Not long after I metmy ex boyfriend, I fell for him hard, I had never felt emotions like it and it overwhelmed me, my parents didn't especially approve as I started failing my a levels and we argued alot to the point where they threw me out. I spent seven years with my ex and obviously we had our ups and downs andi always felt as if I loved him more..a very long story short he cheated on me, twice, admitting to the first one, using his nans death as a reason for it, I tried to understand and as we were living with friends in a large house at the time he moved into the spare room and we took it slowly, at this time my housemate was seeing a girl that he and my ex worked with, six months later she and my ex admit they were having an affair the entire time, this girl hsd befriended me during this time, watchedme cry and comforted me. I spent a year being single, smoking alot of weed and developed an eating disorder. Then I met James, he is seven year'syounger than me and came into my life as someone I could flirt and talk to, over the year of being single I had enjoyed being able to be emotionless and in my own world. He made me feel something and it was scary, we got to know each other quite well, I found out he had schizophrenia and was unmedicated. His fatger was an abusive drunk who his mother and siblings bore thr brunt of with them moving away from him when James was still young. When his father died a year before we met he was dating a girl who had repeatedly cheated on him, this is when he was diagnosed. He has always told me I am unaffectionated and he loves me more, I have tried to be more affectionate but considering my parents don't even hug me it's always been an alien concept, alot of the time throughout my life I have faked emotions or reacted to things how I think I should, James has told me I am a sociopath

I am not even sure what advice I need...our relationship is volatile to saythe least but we have so much love for each other, we saved each other, but can a relationship between a schizophrenic and a sociopath work...

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