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Re: If you phone the crisis team when in crisis they say contact someone else???

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 7:31 pm
by whitefluffyclouds
It's negligence, they don't want responsibility or culpability for people. I've completely given up on MH services now given the past two weeks. It's the mental health merry-go-round and its exhausting, I'm getting off. Sounds like we are having identical issues, Eeyore. The Crisis Teams don't seem to want to deal with you if you are techically "under" a CMHT (which I was referred to three weeks ago) even during evenings and weekends and the CMHTs are useless. After an emergency GP appointment, I was told that GP's can't do anything but give out the Crisis Team number (according to them they can't hospitalise patients) which as mentioned refuse to listen, help or even come and assess you. The last time I spoke to them (on Friday afternoon) the call handler couldn't put me through to a trained professional because "there wasn't anybody in the office". He said I should speak to him and was very rude and demanding and clearly understood nothing about dealing with people with mental health issues (I was having a panic attack).

The CMHT told me they couldn't do home visits (I haven't eaten virtually anything for over a week) then expected me to attend an appointment, which I couldn't physically get to. When, unsurprisingly I don't attend they call me to offer me a home visit in a whole week's time :shock: Totally stupid, they've wasted two weeks whilst I'm actively in crisis because I'm nothing more than a time slot.

I seriously hope the next government takes action because current mental health services are allowing people to loose their lives.

Re: If you phone the crisis team when in crisis they say contact someone else???

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:10 pm
by whitefluffyclouds
*trigger warning*

Two weeks ago I was referred to something called the "Step Up" team with the CMHT after I attended A&E having attempted. They are supposed to offer "intensive support" but couldn't be the least bothered that I've been actively suicidal or my current wellbeing. The first appointment they could offer was a week after I took myself to hospital. I told them I couldn't leave the flat because I hadn't eaten in a week and could barely get out of bed and asked if they could do home visits. "We don't do home visits" was the response from their team. I told them I was unlikely to make it (was still very suicidal). The day of the appointment I tried to make it, but felt faint, had a major panic attack and self harmed. After three hours I managed to walk down my road before turning back. Called my advocate who called them. At three minutes before my appointment I receive a voicemail. Its the Step Up team and they wonder if I would like a home visit it five days time :shock: After 15 mins I manage to get over my panic attack and distress enough to speak coherantly and call them. "Oh, sorry that time slot is now booked. We can offer you one in 5 more days time"..... :shock: My GP was equally uninterested and didn't offer any credible support or ever advice on how to start eating again properly. As a result I've been physically very sick when attempting to reintroduce small bits and pieces of food again.

Today, I called Adult Social Care at my local council after advice from my local councillor. I started a telephone assessment, but as soon as I mention I was just recently referred to a CMHT she stops me short. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to call them to check things out because they actually have social workers within their team." Unbelievable! They promised to call me back later on and I can pre-empt the response. Seriously, I thought I would have an independent assessment for some help with home care, but if they hear someone is "coming out" to my flat they will probably tell me I don't need support or help around the flat, which isn't what CMHT do at all.

Sorry for hijacking your post Eeyore, but I needed to let off some steam.