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Am I getting overly emotional

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Am I getting overly emotional

Postby isha » Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:38 am

Hello everyone
I'm new and I am experiencing alot of the symptoms of depression. It has been happening gradually
amongst my chaotic life. I have recently found out my 15 yr old son who has been bullied since year 8 has been self harming and has an eating problem. He also is always in trouble at school as he is always involved in some conflict with students and teachers and at home he is disrespectful very mouthy and gets into arguments over nothing with all of us.

I work as a volunteer Teacher in a Sunday school for 10 yrs and yesterday I was humiliated by a parent infront of other parents and my students. I asked her daughter "And who are you?" as she had just walked in whilst I had the classroom door open as I had just let the behaviour problem child out prior to tidying up for home time.
Yes I was stressed and had just told the class to tidy up their work area and be ready for home time and went straight into "And who are you?" The parent replied from outside classroom "That s my daughter, how are you speaking to her, you really need to calm down and not be speaking in that way Its not right "
I didn't reply to her as there were parents waiting for their children and my class had to settle down and go home.
I'm feeling so depressed since yesterday and can't stop crying . Without realising I must have spoken in a harsh tone or my wording was not appropriate or has the parent over reacted? or am I over reacting about what happened?
I was genuinely asking who the child was and what they were doing in my class and would have sent her to the correct place but oarent didnt like the way I spoke to her

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