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Sectioning report errors

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Sectioning report errors

Postby piggy » Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:39 pm

On the 30th July I was sectioned on a 136 I had tried to take my life in a public place upon getting the report that I wanted for my esa review there was no end of errors they said I'd rung police 3 times telling them what I was going to do which I hadn't you would D do that when you really wanted to die. I've only ever done that once back in 2017 they said I'd got pj's on I'd just been down to a meal in the supported accomafition they would have stopped me if I'd gone out in pj's and a party top it was either a sparkly pj top as in summer I wear it as a. Tee-shirt or a sparkly tee-shirt if I remember rightly I had removed all forms of I'd including phone otherwise I'd rung friend it says I've always alerted police and family no I've rung 111 gone to a medical centre or my gp some attempts I've not told family about they said I went to a group but got location totally wrong the location they put was many miles from home they couldn't get name of my church right they said I vented lots of unhappiness of mental health services in the sense that they didn't work and you were stuck on a weekend and I felt my mental health had got worse yes I did say my cpn only comes once a fortnight when once a week had been agreed but I said I know she was busy and saw doc in between they gave my reason for wanting to take my own life partly true but the main reason incorrect it was because that day I'd had a letter saying they were going to reassess my benefits I said I was still the s word but they discharged me off section am not sending that in to medical people it wouldn't help my claim going to try and get letter off cpn or gp and ring the teams secretary's tomorrow the balls in their court to prove I rang 999 they would have to ask for a freedom of info request from police as it says on computer that police usually only tell someone in authority if clients alive nothing else it seems if they have told 136 team they should have got my permission first anyone any ideas

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