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Postby blackdog54 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:38 pm

I have been emotionally abused for most of my life, my parents continually told me I was not as good as my sister or brother.
My ex-husband controlled my life financially, made me feel unworthy, less than. I wanted more children, he made sure I never had more than one.
My son treats me the same way as his father. He is chronically ill and has the need to be the centre of everything. I am his carer.
Recently moved country, live with my brother, he has a serious drinking problem, bullies his children and now me. Treats me as though I am stupid. Unfortunately I have no friends near me, scared to answer back, he may throw me out. ( he has thrown every one of his children out at one time or another).
I am currently unemployed, applied for over 60 jobs, been for interviews, sinking lower every time I get told thank you but no!
Everyday is torture, I cry so much, I want to kill myself.

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