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Advice needed please

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Advice needed please

Postby mammyoftwo » Mon May 20, 2019 4:47 pm

Hi im a 27 year old woman & currently feel like im talking to brick walls when i speak to my GP. Since 2011 ive suffered with depression & anxiety, in 2016 i got diagnosed with serve depressed with psychotic symptoms in feb 2017 i came off medication due to being pregnant i didnt want the risk anything for my baby anyways ive been okay still get anxiety and low mood but over last 6 month things seem to be getting out of hand. My mood changes are having such a big effect on my life, the doctor has put me on 30mg of citalopram & 2mg of diazepam to take 3 times a day the medication doesnt seem to be working at all so the doctor has referred me back to mental health but the app is so long away. My anger is becoming out of hand i get so angry i feel like am burning inside i feel like im a ticking time bomb thats about to go off, one minute i can be so happy the next ill be sitting crying. My mam asked me the other day if i had taken drugs cause the way i was speaking i sounded out of it as she said & my daughters dad is getting concerned weve spoke to health visitor and he said he has never met anyone whos mood changes so much. I can literally be so vile to people if i take someone the wrong way. I literally hate myself so much lately cause i have no idea why im like this and it scares me so much. One day i could lie in bed and just sleep the day away then another day i could have an hour or 2 of sleep and be so fully of energy and happy. I go through these astages where ill clean my flat but it takes so long cause ill be doing something and jump on to another thing without finishing the first thing im doing its like im bouncing from one thing to another. Recently ive been picking my face, back, legs so bad im covered in scabs and i cant stop. Im literally at my witts end a dont know whether im coming or going. Also when i get angry i get really bad head aches, when im down i really wish i wasnt here anymore the only thing i live for is my kids. But im so scared as i have no idea what could be wrong with me and waoting for these apps is prolonging the help i need. Any advice would be great thank you

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Re: Advice needed please

Postby dizzy.miss.lizzy » Mon May 20, 2019 9:51 pm

Hello and welcome to the forum

My first impression from your post is that you sound exhausted. Mums usually are! I hope you can get some support at least to help you catch up on your rest. I suspect self care is low on the list of time priorities. But when Mum gets sick, everyone suffers. My psychiatrist had me do a sort of time and study motion to see where the bulk of my hours was going. I was surprised to learn almost none were spent providing myself with adequate care. It may be same for you too.

As for the meds, might be worth asking the chemist who does you scripts for a medications review, most health authorities actually pay community pharmacists to offer that service free of charge to their patients to lessen surgery appointment pressures.

Thirdly, might be of benefit to question you diagnosis. Sounds to me like there may be other things going on that what you have been told so far might not cover it all.

Just hunches, nothing definate, but I would say see the doc again soon as you can. All the best x

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