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Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:09 am
by katyia
hi Sane forum friends

I have been paragliding last year and the year before
and it does a lot for me , making me enjoy life again
it also takes away my suicidal feelings
because like hey I just jumped off a cliff
and I'm still here !!!
also makes me feel really impressed with myself
and is a bit narcissistic as well in a way

its also very stressful and scary
and sometimes I question whether to put myself
through things like this
like I have also done some of the scary fun fair rides
and actually paragliding was much nicer
than the fun fair rides !

I'm extra scared about it this year
because I put on a lot of weight
and am worried whether I will make it up the cliff face
when it gets steep and crumbly

but the instructors will reach for my hand ...

love n hugs Katyia