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st pancras NHS - sell off - blurs or spurs ?

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:12 pm
by sanepain
a sell off that's mental 27.04.17

number 1 patient writing
number 2 is the reader
a back lash I'm inviting
NHS chiefs must be a perfuse bleeder.
simple mathematics
even nursery children would understand
you would not take a pump away from asthmatics
its mental if you take our land.
yes a commute is unacceptable
its a very sick decision
people with mental health are venerable
even if moorfields don't value there vision.
more housing is greed
its solely about wealth
the buyers and NHS is no need
private care sorts out health.
with family not visiting
the ill will suffer
the recovery will be resisting
like taking a new born from mother.
close all the wings
with mental health is a allergy
you will reap what you sew and it stings
because there is going to be one hell of a tragedy.