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by gabry
Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:02 pm
Forum: Newbies Room
Topic: Narcissistic mothers
Replies: 7
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Re: Narcissistic mothers

You have to think of yourself & your partner first. I think you've made the right decision to end contact with your mum. She is trying to control your life essentially stalking and slandering you. It might be worth trying to get a restraining order - you can see a solicitor free for the first ha...
by gabry
Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:40 pm
Forum: Information Exchange
Topic: Narcky PD
Replies: 0
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Narcky PD

It's been a while since I posted, so hi to all. I was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder a couple of years ago alongside traits of bipolar & autism. Anxiety & depression in the mix as well. I did want to challenge the NPD diagnosis but after 10 years in the system I just couldn...
by gabry
Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:57 am
Forum: Smiley Room
Topic: word association
Replies: 6284
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Re: word association

Fuller ('s soap)
by gabry
Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:55 am
Forum: The Kitchen
Topic: Cleaning at home
Replies: 69
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Re: Cleaning at home

Hi B,
Good luck with your visit today, I'll be praying it goes well.

Gabry x
by gabry
Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:33 pm
Forum: The Kitchen
Topic: Baking Session
Replies: 4
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Re: Baking Session

Hi B, I'd never thought of baking as a mindfulness exercise! I usually bake on a slob out day, doing my rock moves to some good music. (Aside... I was thinking my generation when we get into the care home stage of our lives will be chilling out to heavy metal, punk, glam & headbanging to the Quo...
by gabry
Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:37 pm
Forum: The Kitchen
Topic: Baking Session
Replies: 4
Views: 7737

Baking Session

Hi all, I'm totally skint this week, so as there's loads of flour etc in the cupboard, I thought i'd have a go at making bread & biscuits to save money. Flapjack - manna from Heaven :) Biscuits - a bit bland so put a choc button on each. Choc buttons were delish :D Bread ... what's that song by ...
by gabry
Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:41 pm
Forum: Mutual Support Group
Topic: threatened with section - right to refuse medication?
Replies: 1
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Re: threatened with section - right to refuse medication?

Hi anne12, A psychiatrist told me once that I could refuse medication while I was in the community at home, but not under section in hospital. Also if a diagnosis is given in hospital, the patient has to accept it. You do have rights under the Mental Health Act, MIND & Rethink can help with advi...
by gabry
Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:10 am
Forum: Rant Room
Topic: Bye
Replies: 24
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Re: Bye

Hi Chris,
Every blessing,
Sheila x
by gabry
Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:09 pm
Forum: Newbies Room
Topic: restraint orders
Replies: 4
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Re: restraint orders

Hi, You can get advice from the Citizens' Advice Bureau, or most solicitors offer an initial free half hour session where you can seek advice. Mind have a legal helpline, they might be able to point you to other sources of advice 0300 466 6463 l...
by gabry
Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:37 am
Forum: Newbies Room
Topic: Partners mental health is cruel
Replies: 4
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Re: Partners mental health is cruel

Hi Max, I've had problems since I was about 3. I had a very emotionally deprived chiuldhood & some physical abuse. Mainly it was emotional & physical neglect. It was mainly from my dad. On his side his mother, sister & 2 of her kids were similarly affected. On my mum's side, a couple of ...

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